Consultations and checkups

Examination of the current condition of the oral cavity and teeth.

First consultation with the dentist

If you are a new patient, you can get to know your doctor during a personal consultation. You can tell us why you visited our office, what your complaint is, and what treatments you are interested in.

Diagnostics, screening test

During the diagnosis, we find out the current condition of the oral cavity and teeth. Thanks to the established diagnosis, our doctors can treat even the smallest problems, so you can preserve the health and beauty of your teeth and oral cavity for a long time.

Our specialists use the most modern diagnostic tools to carry out the health assessment and prepare your your personal treatment plan.

What is going to happen in the first appointment?

  • We perform diagnostic - painless - tests.
  • We perform physical examinations.

The physical examination performed by our dentists (observe , tapping, feeling). we also use the diagnostic tools available in the office, such as the Periapical X-ray (small Xray).

If this is not enough and a panoramic X-ray is needed, we inform our patients where such an image can be obtained.

  • We take photos of the condition before the treatment.

Based on the complex picture obtained in this way, the patient receives an individualized treatment plan and price quote, upon acceptance of which we start the treatments at the prearranged time.

Periapical X-ray

The X-ray gives the dentist a lot of information, and this is also in your interest, as this way only the most necessary treatments have to be done.

Regular visits to the dentist can prevent problems. If it is a minor cavity, the doctor will notice it quickly, but when it takes on larger dimensions, external help is also needed.

The X-ray image shows exactly what depths the decay affects, so it is also essential for establishing a diagnosis.

The radiation exposure of dental X-rays is extremely low, which is not at all dangerous to our health.

What happens if you are pregnant?

It is also worth knowing that there is a greater chance of gum disease appearing during pregnancy, which is why it is very important that women do not neglect their dental problems. If the dentist decides that the expectant mother must be exposed to radiation, we will take care of the appropriate precautions.

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