Aesthetic dental treatments

Dental treatment for smile improvement : complete smile planning, dental crowns, ceramic veneers, aesthetic dental fillings, temporary dentures, dental bridges.

Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is a field that requires very complex professional knowledge, the result of which is the patient's confident, sparkling, natural smile. In aesthetic dentistry, the dentist is the artist, and the patient's teeth are the work of art.

The most common complaints that our patients contact us with:

  • Tooth discoloration
  • Fracture
  • Aesthetic problems due to multiple times filling
  • Missing tooth
  • Concerning about Forms and shape of their teeth

Prosthetic dentistry

We distinguish between two large groups of dental prostheses, there are fixed and removable prostheses.They are indicated in different cases, thanks to the variety of dentures, we can even offer several solution options for a given situation.

The preparation of dental prosthetic also requires a background , which is why it requires more time (1-2 weeks) and more doctor-patient meetings.
After the loss of a tooth, it is recommended to prepare the necessary prosthetic procedures as soon as possible, because in this way adverse aesthetic and functional consequences can be prevented, and the time to get used to the new prosthetic is shortened.

The dental prosthetic which made by our specialist are durable and will be as natural as possible according to our patient desire.

Our anti-allergenic, nickel-free dental crowns and bridges are made of the best quality, modern materials and close so perfectly precisely and airtight that they preserve the integrity of the underlying teeth and even protect them.

A fogpótlások gyorsan elkészülnek, addig pedig ideiglenes koronával, híddal biztosítjuk, hogy ne maradjon „fog nélkül”.

Porcelain fused to metal (PMF) crowns

The most commonly used tooth replacement method today is the metal-ceramic crown.
The frame of the crown is made of metal, which is a choice available to anyone thanks to its anti-allergenic properties. The porcelain crown protects your tooth from possible fractures, is very durable, and also preserves its color.

To make it, we prepare the tooth like a cone, take an impression, based on which the dental laboratory prepares the replacement.
In order for the crown to create an impeccable aesthetic effect, the dental technician covers the metal framework with a layer of porcelain created with artistic beauty and precision.

The crown covers the prepared tooth like a cap, which completely renews and restores the original tooth form.
Advantages of the metal-ceramic crown (PMF):

  • High aesthetic effect
  • Durability
  • Fast preparation
  • Favorable price
  • Decades of experience

Zirconia crowns

The zirconia crown is the result of developments in modern aesthetic dentistry.

Extremely resistant, white and fabricfriendly material, thanks to researchers. It also meets the highest aesthetic and functional requirements. It allows x-rays to pass through, allowing diagnosis of the area under the crown without removing the crown.

Our ultra-precisely fitting, air-tight and completely true-to-life aesthetic zirconia crown preserves the integrity of the underlying tooth and even protects it.

It does not contain metal, its light transmittance is the same as the original tooth. 

Similar to the metal-ceramic crown, in this case too a porcelain covering is applied to the zirconium frame, but it can be used in the chewing zone without a covering due to its hardness.

Direct composite veneer

The direct veneer can be prepared immediately in office in a day and Your smile will be perfect as you walk out the office door.

The direct veneer and the complete restoration of the tooth are made in the office, using a special quality filling material. This veneer also satisfies high aesthetic demands, It is less vulnerable and, last but not least, the price is more favorable. It will be as natural as if it had always been this way.

When is it recommended?

Primarily for front teeth that have been filled many times or with large carious areas, in all cases when a simple tooth filling no longer gives an adequate aesthetic result, however, the porcelain crown, which promises a more favorable aesthetic value, we feel is too drastic or too expensive a solution for the time being.

Come for a free checkups and consultation so that we can offer you the best possible solution!

Porcelain veneer

The porcelain veneer is made in a technician's laboratory, so we plan the location of the veneer in advance. This means that we remove the surface very thinly, which is completely painless, because we use local anesthesia and do not touch the sensitive dentin.

An impression is then taken and temporary veneer are placed on the teeth. We will precisely discuss and select the color, pattern and edge shape of the future tooth.

After that, approx. After 1 week, the veneer will be ready, we will check them and cemented in place with great precision. Next comes polishing, and you can smile with your shiny, beautiful new teeth.

Ceramic veneer (E-MAX)

If you are not satisfied with your smile, but do not want to lose a significant part of your healthy teeth, then ceramic veneers are the best choice!

We can achieve an unsurpassed result with this aesthetic correctionwhich is usually done in the area of the front teeth, premolar teeth too. It is a popular choice of Hollywood stars, as it allows us to achieve an exceptionally good aesthetic appearance.

E-MAX veneer advantages:

  • Most noticeable aesthetic correction
  • Color and shape adjustment
  • Retains most of the tooth material

E-MAX veneer disadvantages:

  • It can only be used in the area of the front teeth (in exceptional cases also on molars)
  • We may also need to do some esthetic correction due to light reflections

Dental bridges

A dental bridge is an aesthetic, longlasting solution, but they can mainly be used in case of minor missing teeth. A typical solution is when the dentist replaces a missing tooth by grinding down the two adjacent teeth and attaching a bridge consisting of three crowns to these teeth.

Dental bridge advantages:

  • They fill the space created by missing tooth
  • Restore the shape of the face
  • Prevent the displacement and loosening of the existing teeth
  • Restore chewing and the ability to speak properly
  • Provide a beautiful smile again.

Removable Dentures

Removable dentures are used when there are few teeth in the oral cavity, or their location does not allow for fixed solutions, or when the oral cavity is completely toothless.

Thanks to modern technology, the dentures made by us are much more lifelike, they are also excellent in terms of durability and do not cause significant discomfort to the wearer.

The prostheses fit well, they do not fall out, they almost restore normal chewing and jaw position.

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