Oral surgery

Aesthetic dentures with a lifetime guarantee.


Dental implant~ are the "artificial roots" made of biocompatible material that are implanted in the false bone under surgical conditions for the purpose of making a tooth replacement.

The purpose of placing the implants is complete prosthetic rehabilitation and the restoration of the patient's teeth meet the highest expectations both functionally and aesthetically.

Dental implants are made of pure unalloyed titanium, meeting the strictest regulations and standards. They are biocompatible, which means that in the human body they do not trigger any allergic reactions.

With impeccable professional insertion, regular control and careful care, implants can maintain their function for several decades. With the implantation method, all types of missing teeth, inter-row, end-of-row, and even the loss of a tooth can be replaced.

Depending on the amount and quality of the bone, different implant systems are also a solution in case of complete toothlessness. That is why implantation surgeries are always preceded by a comprehensive consultation and a comprehensive (clinical, X-ray, CT scan if necessary) diagnostic examination.

Tooth extraction

In all cases, we strive to save the teeth with the help of conservative therapy (filling, root canal treatment, etc.). However, there are cases when this is not possible. Examples include advanced caries, high-grade inflammation (goc) at the root tip, a tooth with periodontal disease with a hopeless prognosis, or a high-grade tooth fracture when we can no longer rebuild the tooth. In this case, tooth extraction is unavoidable. 

Simple tooth extraction

We speak of a simple tooth extraction when we can remove the tooth with pliers and the tooth extraction does not require further intervention. Single-rooted teeth are the front teeth, which are easier to pull and heal faster. Multi-rooted teeth can take longer to remove and heal. The intervention is completely painless, as we use the most modern anesthetic for our patients beforehand.

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