The following prices are informative!
For certain treatments, we can only give an exact price after a consultation and treatment plan.

General Information

The first examination of patients who appear at the office includes a health assessment, a screening test and a consultation with a specialist. The physical examination performed by our dentists (viewing, tapping, feeling) is usually not enough, so we also use the diagnostic tools available in the office, such as the Periapical X-ray (small X-ray).

If this is not enough and a panoramic X-ray is needed, we inform our patients where such an image can be obtained.

Based on the complex picture obtained in this way, the patient receives an individualized treatment plan and price quote, upon acceptance of which we start the treatments at the prearranged time.

We try to pay extra attention to the exact observance of the appointments and to reduce the waiting time to a minimum.

In our office, you can pay the dental treatment costs in cash .

Price list


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