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Dr. Taghipour Mohammad

Dental specialist

I obtained my dental degree in 2015 at the Faculty of Dentistry of Semmelweis University.

After graduating from university, I obtained an internship first in Pilis and then in Budapest, and learned the secrets of the profession from the best possible professionals.
The focus of my professional interest is restorative dentistry and the preparation of dental restorations.

As a regular participation in continuing education courses , I am dedicated to learning new techniques. My priority is for my patients to leave each treatment satisfied.

In 2018, I started my own private dental office called "ARTMODENT".

My assistant and I pay special attention to the good mood during the treatments, so that even the patients who initially arrive with excitement or fear leave with a smile.

During my work, I consider it important to pay maximum attention and to provide patients with a calm, friendly environment, pain-free and fear-free treatments.

I pay special attention to communication with patients, I like to explain all the treatment options and their steps.

Dr. Mansouri Negin

Dental specialist

I am Dr. Mansouri Negin, an enthusiastic Iranian dentist who joined the world of dentistry in 2021 after graduating from the University of Debrecen.

I currently practice in Miskolc and Budapest, and I have a deep passion for the art of dental surgery. I recently moved to Halásztelek, where I work as a member of the wonderful team of Artmodent Dentistry.

My goal is to help my patients to make their smile not only bright, but also healthy..

At Artmodent Dentistry, we welcome you in a modern and relaxed environment, where all treatments are performed in the shortest possible time and at a high professional standard. I also pay special attention to aesthetic dentistry, and I constantly strive for my professional development. I will soon complete a professional training in implantology in Germany to further improve the quality of our services. We look forward to welcoming you to our office, where we will create not only a beautiful but also a confident smile for you!

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Dr. Taghipour Mohammad