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Dear patients! 

Munkáink elvégzéséért garanciát vállalunk, melynek feltétele, bizonyos szabályok betartása, amit az alábbiakban olvashat.

Things to do after implantation: The consumption of milk and milk products is prohibited for 5 days. Taking a full box of prescription antibiotics according to the dosage specified on the prescription. Brushing with betadine (forbidden to those sensitive to iodine); swimming with chamomile. Enhanced oral hygiene, mandatory brushing!

Things to do after dental procedures involving bleeding (grinding, depuration, periodontal curettage, implantation, tooth extraction): Suctioning wounds and rinsing them with liquids (e.g. water) are prohibited. The consumption of milk and milk products is prohibited for 2 days after the intervention. Brushing your teeth is mandatory after interventions, and increased maintenance of oral hygiene. Recommended therapy aids: hyperolos, aloe vera, chamomile bath; brushing.

To register or in case of a complaint, visit our clinic or call 06 24 474 494 or 06 70 392 7631.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that most of the above treatments are multi-phase treatment series. It is important to see your doctor at the specified times, because this is the only way to guarantee the success of the treatment. We only provide a guarantee for our dental restorations and implants if they appear in the first, third and sixth week after the intervention, and at control examinations after three and 6 months. If you interrupt the treatment, we cannot take responsibility for your successful recovery.

Our clinic cannot provide a guarantee in the following cases:

  • The patient does not follow oral hygiene rules.
  • Improper use of dentures, extreme forces greater than the physiological chewing force, which lead to increased load on the dentures.
  • Problems due to improper nutrition and other bad habits (e.g. smoking).
  • Mechanical damage to removable dentures (accident, combat sports), chemical damage caused by chemicals (concentrated alcohol, chemicals).
  • Negative effects due to systemic, infectious and tumor diseases and their treatment (e.g. diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, state after chemotherapy).
  • Consequences of accidents and emergency interventions during them.
  • Problems due to mental and other mental illnesses.
  • Notification of the damage or defect of the denture after 2 working days.
  • The patient does not follow the dentist's instructions.
  • The patient will have the treatment and dental work recommended by Artmodent performed at another clinic, or if another dentist (at another dentistry) has performed corrective or additional treatment on the denture made by us.
  • The removable restoration (partial or full denture) was not properly cared for.
  • In the case of the patient's weight gain or weight loss within a short period of time.
  • The patient does not claim to have the warranty work done.
  • Failure to do the half-yearly inspection.

545 / 5 000 Fordítási találatok If a warranty situation arises due to the dental technician's mistake or the dentist's unprofessional treatment, Artmodent Dentistry undertakes to carry out the work in question under warranty, in which case our clinic will cover the dental costs incurred (dental, dental technical and material costs) to remedy the problem. In exchange, our clinic requires its patients to attend a screening test / control appointment at least once a year, failure to do so will invalidate the guarantee.

Our clinic cannot be held responsible for unforeseen root canal treatments that occur during the preparation of crowns or bridge work, and there were no visible signs of a problem arising later during the dental treatment/prosthetics in the given area. In the mentioned cases, there is no question of a guarantee, because we cannot foresee the patient's body and its reactions, so we cannot guarantee it. In this case, root canal treatment is a separate dental treatment. There are no guarantees for temporary crowns, temporary bridges and complaints about temporary dentures.

In the case of atrophic jaws, strict follow-up and follow-up treatments and close doctor-patient communication are necessary. Otherwise, the warranty will be void, due to the delicate nature of the treatment due to very thin jaw bones.

If the defect cannot be repaired, we will prepare the tooth replacement free of charge, or we will recommend another solution, the price of which will be deducted from the price of the original replacement.

Artmodent Dentistry is not responsible for treatments performed at other dental clinics.

In any case, you can ask your doctor or the leading dentist for more detailed information before the procedure. In case of adequate oral hygiene and check-ups every six months, we guarantee the interventions.

You will also receive information about possible complications, actions and the guarantee in person in our office.

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